Alaran Trellewin the Dragonsbane

A Half-elf ranger who seeks vengeance against the realms oldest race.


Alaran Alaran Trellewin the Dragonsbane Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Ranger 8 True Neutral

Strength 13 (+1) Dexterity 18 (+4) Constitution 11 (+0) Intelligence 13 (+1) Wisdom 13 (+1) Charisma 10 (+0) Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 165 lb Skin: Tan Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Brown; Wavy; Light Beard

Size: Medium

Domains: Earth Travel

Energy: Positive [Healing / Turns Undead]

Total Hit Points: 61

Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 16 = 10 +2 [leather] +4 [dexterity]

Touch AC: 14 Flat-footed: 12 Initiative modifier: +8 = +4 [dexterity] +4 [improved initiative] Fortitude save: +8 = 8 [base] Reflex save: +10 = 6 [base] +4 [dexterity] Will save: +5 = 4 [base] +1 [wisdom] Attack (handheld): +9/+4 = 8 [base] +1 [strength] Attack (unarmed): +9/+4 = 8 [base] +1 [strength] Attack (missile): +12/+7 = 8 [base] +4 [dexterity] Grapple check: +9/+4 = 8 [base] +1 [strength]

Light load: 50 lb. or less Medium load: 51-100 lb. Heavy load: 101-150 lb. Lift over head: 150 lb. Lift off ground: 300 lb. Push or drag: 750 lb.

Languages: Common Draconic Elven

Dagger [1d4, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 10 ft., 1 lb., light, piercing]

Long Spear [1d8, crit x3, 9 lb., two-handed, piercing]

Longbow [1d8, crit x3, range inc. 100 ft, 3 lb, piercing]

Shortbow [1d6, crit x3, range inc. 60 ft., 2 lb., piercing]

Leather armor [light; +2 AC; max dex +6; check penalty 0; 15 lb.]


Agile Endurance [free to rangers] Improved Initiative Point Blank Shot Far Shot Rapid Shot [ranger archery track] Many Shot [ranger archery track] Track [free to rangers]


Alaran is a relatively young man as far as half-elfs go, and yet he wears on his person three dragon horns. These serve as trophy of his battles against beast most men would fall before they were able to land the first blow. The horns strike awe in many whom Alaran meets in his travels, but they do not know that behind those badges of power resides a hellfire and a man bent on revenge.

The night Alran was born on was a holy night to his people and the village wise men spoke that this child would bring good omen to their people. This seemed true as for the next 15 years the village of Willowmead enjoyed a peace and their crops were plentiful. At an early age the elders saw that this half-elf boy had great talent in the ways of learning and archery and granted him an apprenticeship with a local mage and priestiest. Who until the age of 20 were his mother and father. They are a main reason he hungers for revenge and their memory fuels his undying hatred for sky lizards.

Around the time Alran celebrated his 15th year a mighty red dragon came to reside in the hills just north of willowmead. This dragon by the name of Derolth took interest in this settlement of humans and elves and demanded homage from its citizens. In began as merely a cattle and a sheep a month, but this did not sate the foul beasts hunger as he began to demand gold and silver. This trend continued for the next five years until the village was poor and miserable. The homage reached a point were it was too much and the peasants simply could not scrape enough gold. This angered Derolth and in a rage he began a campaign to destroy the small settlement at first he kept out any would be visitors causing the villagers to virtually starve as they were unable to receive even basic supplies let alone food and medicines

Alaran Trellewin the Dragonsbane

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