Cade Greenbottle

Cade Greenbottle, the self proclaimed "Lord of the Understreets"


Male Wererat Halfling Rogue 7 / Commoner 3 True Neutral

Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 17 (+3) Constitution 14 (+2) Intelligence 13 (+1) Wisdom 13 (+1) Charisma 14 (+2) Height: 3’ 2” Weight: 36 lb Skin: Pale Eyes: Green Hair: Blond; Straight; Light Beard

Size: Small

Total Hit Points: 46 [includes 5 for lycanthropy]

Speed: 30 feet [quick]

Armor Class: 16 = 10 +2 [leather] +3 [dexterity] +1 [small]

Touch AC: 14 Flat-footed: 16 [uncanny dodge] Initiative modifier: +3 = +3 [dexterity] Fortitude save: +8 = 5 [base] +2 [constitution] +1 [halfling] Reflex save: +14 = 8 [base] +3 [dexterity] +2 [lightning reflexes] +1 [halfling] Will save: +9 = 5 [base] +1 [wisdom] +2 [iron will] +1 [halfling] Attack (handheld): +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [small] Weapon Finesse: +10/+5 = 6 [base] +3 [dexterity] +1 [small] Attack (unarmed): +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [small] Attack (missile): +10/+5 = 6 [base] +3 [dexterity] +1 [small] Grapple check: 2/-3 = 6 [base] -4 [small]

Light load: 25 lb. or less Medium load: 26-50 lb. Heavy load: 50-75 lb. Lift over head:75 lb. Lift off ground: 150 lb. Push or drag: 375 lb.

Languages: Common Dwarven Dark_Elf_Silent Halfling

Dagger [1d3, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 10 ft., 1/2 lb., light, piercing]

Light Crossbow [1d6, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 80 ft., 2 lb, piercing]]

Dart [1d3, crit x2, range inc. 20 ft., 1/4 lb, piercing]

Rapier [1d4, crit 18-20/x2, 1 lb., one-handed, piercing]

Leather armor [light; +2 AC; max dex +6; check penalty 0; 7.5 lb.]


Iron Will Leadership Lightning Reflexes Run Stealthy Weapon Finesse


He grew up a devote worshiper of pelor as all who live in Hillsfar are, but a tragic accident would put him on the path that would eventual make him Guild master of a small band of assassins and pickpockets.

At the age of 22 he was a traveling merchant and master locksmith. He ran a small caravan of goods to near by Fort Fox glove once every month. It was on one such tip that his caravan was visited by a strange man who appeared to be sick and near death. Taking pity on this man, Cade allowed him to take refuge inside one of their wagons so he could receive healing in the nearby monastery just a mile from Fort Foxglove. They traveled without event for many a day. Until one night when they had stopped and set up camp for the night, he man began to act very funny. His behaviour seemed more beast like then human. If cade had known what he knows now he would have killed that man and ended his curse forever, but he was a fool and in one of the strange man’s fits Cade was bitten and scratched by the man as Cade attempted to calm him. Cade would be forever changed by this event, that night would be his first as a were-rat.

The man now half human and half rat, left Cade to die there in a pool of his own blood, as it made its way into the night. Cade was found hours later on the verge of death. Pale and Blood soaked he shook as his fellow merchants bandaged his wounds as best they could and began the race that would decide this halflings life. He received healing by clerics, but alas it was too late for his humanity. The attack was assumed to be a mad mans attempt at robbery and Cade being too afraid to admit the truth accepted this lie.

Now a were-rat Cade attempted to live the life he once had, but he was unable to control his animal side during the week of the full moon and this made it almost impossible to live a the life he had before. He struggled to be a man and not the beast he had become. He slowly realized he was a constant threat to everyone he knew or dealt with, and at anytime he could lose control. If this happened he would be killed without question by the clerics of Hillsfar and so he lived in constant fear and shame. Cade lived this lie for just over a year before tragedy hit. His own son was his first victim. He had killed his own child in a moment of weakness. In rage and shame Cade destroyed the insides of his house and took to the understreets (sewers) of hillsfar and there he found something that would change his path of his life and begin his new life where he embraced his lycanthropy.

In the dark understreets a small family of theifs and cut-throats had been growing right under the noses of the holy city above. Bloodtooth, the leader of this family at the time welcomed Cade sensing his potential. None did that foolish kobold know this pale skinny halfling would soon replace him. Cade was happy to follow orders in the beginning and at last is abilities were needed but he began to become disillusioned with a mere pickpocket title. He amassed a small following of those he trusted among the family, then known as The Sewer Rats, how appropriate the title as in their hunger for power those loyal to him accepted his “gift” and were given the curse of the moon. Using this following he overthrew Bloodtooth in just four months and over a span of ten years this small thief gang grew into a guild under Cade’s control.

Now known as the Silverbloods. This organization continues to be a thorn in the the High Priest of Pelor, William Dawnhammer’s side. Cade operates this guild from a large hall in the undrestreets. He recruits people who show potential and he currently has his eyes set on a man known as Bale Ester.

Cade Greenbottle

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